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Ok so I saw The Maze Runner last Friday and the movie was over all ok in my opinion, BUT ONE OF THE CHARACTERS NEWT IS LITERALLY MY NEW FAVOURITE THING IN THE WORLD AND I DONT KNOW WHY.

They’re pretty sweet kids..

I was on a bit of an art block so i thought it would be fun to do a little redraw. the one on the left I did May 2012 at 13 and the one on the right i did September 2014 at 16. Im gonna go out on a limb and say I improved just a little :P

Fun fact: I never got over this dork.

I don’t know were this idea came from, I don’t even now that much about the ninja turtles. but hey here it is. 

Super rockin birthday card I made for my bestie radhael  (her birthday was yesterday go wish her a belated birthday)

I’ve been drawing a lot more since school started back up. As you can see I’m kinda obsessed with short hair, to the point that I’m getting mine cut short this weekend :)

I made this back in April for communications tech/ film class at school and I kinda forgot how much I really loved it. The video was made with photoshop and adobe premiere and all the graphics were made by yours truly ;)

I MADE IT THREW THE FRIST WEEK OF GRADE 11!!! Anyway I really wanted to draw these two and practice my shading skills. I guess I’m starting to get better idk man

Today my english teacher asked us all what our favourite movie was. To no surprise I said How to Train Your Dragon and then accidentally full on kicked the desk in front of me. Let me just say i got some pretty puzzled looks form the other kids.

Remember the time I meat Hynden Walch and John DiMaggio at fan expo and got them to sign my comic book?

Anonymous whispered: I'm staring 11th grade tomorrow too.. Good luck to us both!

aw thanks!! hopefully we both come out of this alive…

I have to go to *projectile vomits all over floor* school tomorrow 

Pokemon Challenge Week 4? Create&draw a Pokemon. I think I Drew 3 starters Idek  

Had a super rad time at fan expo in Toronto! Apparently I’m gonna be in a Adventure time promo this October.

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