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Doodle dump from today. Idk I’m on major hella art block right now

Watches all the original Digimon series in a week because I’m a 16 year old girl and I have priorities.

Wow I didn’t realize how different the styes are in these two drawings… oh well I guess they still make a set somehow even if I drew them 3 months apart.

kit-kat-kacey whispered: Holy moly, I just found your account, (I'm a hugeee httyd fan :) and I'm absolutely in love. I literally cannot stop scrolling, I love it so much. All these drawings made my sucky day a whole lot brighter :) <3

well you just made my sucky day a whole lot brighter too :)

Pokemon Challenge Week 2- Yourself as a gym leader (include type) 

Ok so i’ve always been a huge fan of electric type Pokemon so I thought I would go for the Electric type gym leader. Also I’ve always wanted to have short hair on half my head so what better place to do it then the Pokemon universe.

ZIPPLEBACK TWIN ONESIES! I guess you could call this part to the Hicc and Astrid Drawing I did back in May. THIS WAS MY FISRT TIME DRAWING THE TWINS IN PHOTOSHOP AND IT WAS SO MUCH FUN OH MY GOSH

Anonymous whispered: wait what does OC mean?

OC stands for Original Character :)

I drew a thank you card staring the queen and princess of Arendale

eponinethecurious whispered: Happy birthday!

Thank you my beautiful friend

Pokemon Drawing Challenge - Week 1 draw your self as a trainer.

Man was this fun to do. When I was little my friends and I would spend hours drawing ourselves as trainers and perfecting are team of Pokemon. I remember always wanting to dress like a Pokemon trainer as a kid i thought their style was pretty cool.

Guys my birthday is this Saturday. I’m gonna be old I don’t wanna be old I like being 15.

Anonymous whispered: what are some of your favourite drawing blogs?? :)

okokokok I follow at least 2 million art blogs so if I could I would put them all but heres a few that I really love and have really helped me inprove my own art.

sillybro  (The blog that inspired me to start my own drawing blog)

arcanabreak  (Her line less drawings and shading will be the end of me)

punziella  (Amazing edits and I cry every time I look at her work)

happy-lollipop  (I’ve been a fan of her since the beginning of time)

always—an—artist  (A really good friend of mine who really deserves more followers)

megzilla87  (Another friend of mine who helped me with textured brushes and is kinda good at everything..) 

Anonymous whispered: I challenge you to the 10 week Drawing Pokemon challenge! 1 challenge a week! 1.)Yourself as a Pokemon trainer 2.) Yourself as a gym leader(include type) 3.)Yourself as a team rocket member 4.) Create&draw a Pokemon 5.)Yourself as a professor 6.)Yourself as a Gen3 character(ex; trainer,professor,gym leader, Villainous grunt/leader) 7.) Create a new Eevee evolution 8.)You aging with your Fav Pokemon in 3 stages. Both as child, teen, & adults 9.)Create a pokemon meme 10.)Showcase all drawings!

Challage accepted. I’ll have the first drawing up as soon as possible :)

I had some time on a long car ride so I drew Astrid and an OC who kinda looks like Punzy.

A lot of people wanted a tutorial so I thought I would make a gif. Also i just thought it looked cool

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